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Navya is an Indian serial that started being aired on an Star Plus television channel on April 4, 2011. This Indian television drama is based on an Indian family and its family members having a clash of thinking and mentality on the basis of the generation gap. Navya Swamy is an Indian Actress, who known for her works in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada Television industry. She made her acting debut in the Kannada television serial “Thangali” along with Neelima Rani and Produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Shaheer Sheikh shared the promo song ‘Bekaboo’ of his popular show Navya.Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal that made fans nostalgic. Fans commented on Shaheer’s post that it was their favourite show. Navya Narayan is a young actress who is active in tamil – malayalam serial and film industries. She acted in the tamil film ‘Sillunu Oru Payanam’. Navya plays, ‘Prema’, a character with negative shade in the popular serial ‘Parasparam’.

Contents • • • • • Plot Anant was seen by Navya's mother when he surprised her to wish her a happy birthday. Their fate remains unknown. Her mother starts to doubt Navya: She asks Renuka to talk to her about it. Navya confesses about Anant and her relationship. Renuka keeps this a secret from her mom.


But later Navya's mother learns about the relationship. Navya's mother is very disturbed to learn about the relationship and sends Navya to Kanpur with her dadi and tells Navya that she will not be in touch with Anant. Anant's cousin's wedding is in Kanpur. He was sure that Navya is invited because he sees the name of her father and dadi on a card. After two weeks, the wedding come closer and then there comes another problem. Father and his baba want Anant to stay home and look their business. Anant's brother says that Anant should go with them.

Download video melahirkan anak kembar. His Chacha ji can stay at home and says that with this he will know about his responsibilities. His baba says that Anant can go to Kanpur. In Kanpur at the wedding when Navya's mother learns that Anant is there, she keeps Navya away from him. Anant doesn't want to stay away. He meets Navya but Navya's mother sees him with her. She takes both to a corner to warn Anant to stop all this as she doesn't want any problem. Navya's father listens and remembers that he was there on Valentine's Day and he wants to know all about between them.

Navya's mom wants to stop him but she cannot stop Navya's father at that time. Anant's father come to talk to Anant about why he is not with his family and goes back then. Navya's father learns that he is Anant's father. He goes to meet Anant's father to meet and talk about his son. He explains all and lies about Anant and his family. Anant's father gets angry and says that, 'This is not about only Anant. There was your daughter Navya also,' and they all fight.

Anant's family leaves and so does Navya's family. Anant's father orders Anant to forget Navya and Navya's father.

Disheartened by all this, tell Navya to forget Anant. Anant's baba agrees that Navya and Anant can marry but there is one condition they lay if she will be in their house. She would be forced to follow their in-laws; they will go to Navya's house to fix Anant and Navya's alliance. Navya then gets ready for Anant's family to go and see her when she remembers she has to cook something for them. With help from her mother, she makes samosas. Anant's family arrives 15 minutes early so she rushes to get ready with the help of Appy and Rits.

Navya feels nervous and does not want to go out. Anant makes an excuse of going bathroom and calls Navya from there and asks her to come out soon.

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As Navya comes out, she and Anant accidentally hit each other. Anant's family agrees to the wedding. Anant goes to Navya's house to take her to college, when he accidentally calls her dad papa. She tells Appy and Rits, and they laugh at him. He swears revenge.