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Emotiv SDK Research Edition The Emotiv SDK Research Edition is a single user license for companies/ Researchs that are creating proprietary applications and/or are also.

I am working on a project using the Emotiv Epoc research edition. I can obtain raw EEG data and now I need some help. My objective: to think in directions (forward, left, right, backwards). I am collecting EEG data for 5 to 15 seconds at a time and then averaging them for each channel (14 total channels, 14 total averages). However, these results aren't distinctive enough to pick what direction the user is thinking.

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Help: Does anybody know of a better way to get more spaced/distinct results? Maybe instead of thinking a direction, use a small pinch (pain) to be associated with left. Maybe someone can chime in that has worked on something like this or knows how to activate certain parts of the brain to get a more a 'active' signal out of certain channels. [Edit] I meant research edition. ******** • • • • •. Are you literally averaging each electrode's amplitude over 15 seconds? You won't get much out of that, no matter what you use - direction thought or pinch.

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You need to read up on the two traditional methods of EEG analysis - Event Related Potentials and Frequency analysis. Both of these techniques are used for Brain-Computer Interface applications, and I assume that's what you're trying to do. For example, set up your recording software so you can mark start points into your continuous EEG recording. Associate each of your directions of thought with a separate trigger marker. Hit the trigger for that direction and think that direction for a few seconds. Repeat this maybe 100 times for each direction.

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You could than average all the recorded epochs for each direction separately to get a typical waveform for each direction. Congrats, you've done a basic ERP experiment. I get what you are staying, I think. I am going to try and see if we are on the same page.

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