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Here is the link to the SURE CUTS A LOT (SCAL) web site: This will give you ALL the details and overview that you will need for this software. I also recommend you get INKSCAPE (simple drawing program) to help you learn how to create SVG files so all of your own new designs can be converted to SVG files and imported into SCAL for cutting on your CRICUT: You can have Cricut Design Studio (DS) and SCAL on the same machine. You must not upgrade your DS software to the latest because it will require you to upgrade your firmware to v1.3 for BabyBug and 2.3 for Expression (Cricut is not playing fair now - monopoly attempt? Realize they should have listened to the customer a long time ago?).

You must have v1.1 and 2.1 for SCAL to work. You can downgrade your DS and firmware with an old trial version of software. This DOES NOT hurt your Cricut -- I just downgraded mine so I could start using SCAL. This does not 'blow up' your Cricut or hurt it in any way! Download mp3 ya hanana sholawat nabi bikin baper. Sweet: Why spend the $200+ on the Silouhette if you already own a Cricut Expression? The Cricut cuts 12x12 or 12x24 and the QS cuts 8.5x11? Yes, the BabyBug is 6x12, but why spend new money on hardware, the mats for QS are much more expensive, QS spare blades cost more, and the cost of QS 'CD's (cartridges)' cost more money than the Cricut accessories?

Active to passive voice converter software free download. Sure Cuts A Lot for Windows is a program that you can with Cricut Personal and Cricut Expression die cut machines to cut shapes and letters made with True Type fonts. Sure Cuts A Lot for Windows has a stylish interface that features a self-healing mat as the background. Currently we do not have a direct download link available for Sure Cuts A Lot. Our team is constantly working on adding more downloads to the site. Clicking the download link will search for the Sure Cuts A Lot download on Bing. Find the official Sure Cuts A Lot download on Bing. Search for Sure Cuts A Lot on Bing (external link).

SCAL lets you use anything you can convert to SVG and there are tons of free clip art images that have free royalty access on many web sites. Plus there is a community of SCAL users that are starting to upload their designs for free use by anyone. Well thanks Chrissy, because of you I have been on a spending spree! I have now purchased the SCAL program and for 54.99! Downloaded the free inkscapes, and the link Chrissy has for free and for a total of under 300.00 I have the cricut expressions that will do everything I need it to do.

(thank goodness I didnt buy the wishblade--I knew I was holding out for a reason) And I can still use cartridges and take it with me if I want to. So I am all set up on my laptop except I need the USB cable! I wanted to try it tonight with one of the patterns I just purchased. Thanks guys for the help!

Justchknout: Those are excellent points and I didn't want to have to pay even more $$ for another machine! Lori: You seem to prefer the Silhouette? And, sorry for my ignorance, but what does HTH mean!?!?

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Michelle - sounds like you were on the fence too - you are happy with the scal? I was afraid because I was hearing all kinds of things that it would not work lately because of certain updates? Anyways, I do not have the extra Cricut software - that is still available for a free trial download to update firmware? And that should work fine as long as I don't 'update' it? Sweet: The DS Software available at the link posted in Reply # 41 will not update you to v2.3 -- it is the version for 2.1. It just does not have the latest new Cricut Solution cartridges or the future ones coming out in October.

Sure cuts a lot free downloads

Sure Cuts A Lot Free Download

The updates that are now on the CRICUT web site update you to v2.3 - they want to tease you or hook you in to getting the new cartridges or keep buying theirs if you want to use them in Cricut DS. It is also a way that Cricut is trying to eliminate SCAL as a competitor in the die cut/scrapbook market. You can use an older version of DS and use the latest cartridges (just not within designs from the latest of DS from Cricut).You would not need DS if you are now creating your own designs without the Cricut cartridges. THIS DOES NOT HURT YOUR CRICUT TO DO IT THIS WAY.

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SCAL lets you use all the True Type fonts you want that are loaded to your computer without having to go through any other software package -- it is only when you want to add graphics to your True Type Fonts is when you need to use INKSCAPE and then import the image into SCAL. The little time and effort you take to learn both applications will in the long run save you tons of money over buying new cartridges or other vendors die cutting machines (and accessories). You can experiment with downgrading your machine and trying SCAL. If you don't like it, then just load the latest DS and upgrade your firmware back to v2.3. Going back and forth DOES NOT hurt your Cricut. Just settle on one and be patient while you learn the ways of SCAL. It DOES pay off in the long run if you put a little bit of effort into learning the flexibility of this product.