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With the PS1, Suikoden 2 benefits from transfering over the save file from the first game. Using the eboots on PSP, is there a way to do this? *Basically, I'm just trying to figure out a good way to get a Suikoden 1 save file to the right format and location to work with Suikoden 2, and I'm not sure the best way to go about it. I see some saves out there in DexDrive.gme format, if there's a way to convert that over and import it into the Suikoden 2 save data. Any help is greatly welcomed. Solution: For future reference, in case anyone else wants to import a PS1 Suikoden I save to be used with the Suikoden II eboot on PSP, here's what I did. 1) I ended up using, which is in the DexDrive.gme format.

Need a Save File for Suikoden1. Can anyone here please lend me his/her Suikoden 1 save game. I have converted the files from.gme to.mcr using. I don't really understand about this problem, but when i want to load my game data from Suikoden I to Suikoden II with ePSXe emulator, it was failed.

2) Then, using, I opened that save file and saved it as SLUS_00292-0.mcr to convert it to the ePSXe save format with the game's title id. 3) Then I put the CWCheat plugin onto the PSP memory card, created a folder in the cwcheat directory called mc (ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/mc), and placed the.mcr save file into the mc directory. 4) I loaded up Suikoden I, held select to bring up the CWCheat menu, and opened the memory manager. There, you can load the.mcr save file. Make sure it says 'ok'. If not, you probably named the file wrong.


I started up Suikoden I using that save file, saved the game normally to save it in the PSP.vmp save format and exited the game. 5) Then, I opened Suikoden II. Using 's information below, I pressed the PS home button within Suikoden II, opened memory card utility, import, select the Suikoden file that visually shows it has save data. Start a new game, name your character, select yes to use Suikoden I save file.

And it works! It's been a while since I did this, and I'd say my aim was a pretty specific, and more complicated process than would be necessary for just converting and loading a save, without transfeing it to another game. I don't believe it's necessary to play and save a game before, in order to load the save file with CWcheat. As I recall, I ran into a bit of trouble, just making sure the.mcr save file had the proper name and formatted correctly, based on the game's title id, which in my case, for Suikoden (SLUS00292), the save file was SLUS_00292-0. It'd be different for each game, but the format, with REGION_TITLE#-SAVE#, would apply generally. I only did this the one time, when I wrote this down, but, I remember the save loading up just fine with CWCheat once I got the naming convention right. Then I saved the game normally in game to create a regular save file.

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This is the re uploaded version of the first memory card attachment which contains the following saves. Note: All save files are for NTSC UC region games only. Free pc software full version. EPSXE 001.mcr Contents 1.

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Tekken 3 - Everything Unlocked 2. Tekken 2 - Everything Unlocked 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Everything Unlocked 4. Marvel vs Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes - Everything Unlocked 5.

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Kensei - Sacred Fist - All Characters Unlocked, Extra Mode Running Bugi Unlocked 6. Ehrgeiz - God Bless The Ring - All Characters and Movies Unlocked in Fighting Game Mode 7. Tales of Destiny II - Have all Items,Weapons,Armors,Accessories,Key Items and Max Gald.Saved at the very beginning. Xenogears - Have All and Max quantity of consumable items and Max Gold - Saved at the very first save point 9. Chrono Cross - Have All Key Items, All Elements, Max Gold and All 44 Party Members at first playthrough, saved at the very first save point (outside the world Map) 10. Final Fantasy Tactics - Have All items,Weapons,Armors,Accessories, and Max War Funds. Saved after Chapter 1 Introduction 11.