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Program de lucru cazier tg-mures. Fast and efficient finite element model creation The user-friendly interface guides the user to efficiently create models with a logical geotechnical workflow. Via Boreholes users can define complex soil profiles or geological cross-sections. In the Structures mode, structural elements, like piles, anchors, geotextiles, and prescribed loads and displacements can be defined. Geometry can also be imported from CAD-files.

The automatic meshing procedure creates a finite element mesh almost immediately. Realistic assessment of stresses and displacements With Staged Construction users can accurately model the construction process, by activating and deactivating soil clusters and structural elements in each calculation phase. With plastic, consolidation and safety analysis calculation type, a broad range of geotechnical problems can be analyzed.

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Constitutive models range from simple linear to advanced highly non-linear models through which soil and rock behaviour can be simulated. Well proven and robust calculation procedures ensure converging calculations and accurate results. With multi-core calculations and 64-bit architecture PLAXIS can deal with the largest and most complex models. Calculations • Field stress initial calculation type (VIP) • Well-proven and robust calculation procedures • Multicore computing (VIP) • Include or exclude soil clusters and/or structural elements in safety analysis • Facilities for steady-state groundwater flow calculations, including flow-related material parameters, boundary conditions, drains and wells.

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Hmhs britannic virtual sailor. • Distinguish between a Plastic calculation, consolidation-, and safety analysis • Automatic regeneration of construction stages • 64-bit Calculation Kernel.

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+ PLAXIS 2D program including the 2D Dynamics and 2D PlaxFlow modules make up a finite element package intended for the two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. It is a robust and user-friendly finite element package, developed for Geotechnical Engineering.