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Lookin Body Web

Non-invasive and pain-free testing Bioelectrical Impedance analysis Safe, low-level currents are sent through the body through the hand and foot electrodes. The impedance the currents encounter are measured, and from there, your body composition is derived. With InBody's patented technology, BIA has never been more highly correlated with gold standard methods until now. Voice Guidance System Users can test with and without a trained professional. Follow the steps on the unit's screen and listen for the testing procedures. Explore the Results Sheets Each InBody Test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing the muscle, fat, and water values of the user.

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Download the Results Sheet Interpretation Segmental Lean Mass Analysis Identify how many kilograms of lean mass are in each body segment through Segmental Lean Analysis. Use this portion to look for any imbalance between corresponding segments (ex. Right Arm, Left Arm) for balanced muscle development. Track body composition changes The newest addition to our portable line now prints out Body Composition History on the InBody results sheet.

Recovery version online. This chart will record the a user's Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Percent Body Fat from the last 8 tests to measure progress over time.