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The film consists of three parallel stories that are interwoven and played in Vozdovac. In the first story, Braca tries to seduce Iris, a model from the city center. Although they try not to be 'two worlds' they certainly are. In another story, Dule i Somi, in the football match Eastwich - Manchester, they bet on Ipswich to win because it defends their classmate. The third story takes place on the roof of the skyscraper where Avaks and Hybrid, proponents of the philosophy of 'most cost effective when I'm sitting in the house - no income, but no expenses', spending the day doing nothing, expecting something to happen. Something happened - an unusual occurrence Avaks saw in the sky.

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Not wanting to repeat other users' comments on the story and its messages, I would just like to underline another important issue: This is the first and only Serbian contemporary movie being absolutely DONE! When I say this, I mean that every each character is a hundred percent authentic, that there is no word in this movie being said without a full background and deep meaning, that every single detail is being detailed to the mark, eg. Download midi dangdut. Music clips and MC's comments playing from the portable radio on the Roof, or the bet-house owner 'entering' loudly on his PC, or the 'Sladjana' cry always being placed at the right moment, etc. There are not so many even A-production movies being so precisely and brilliantly produced. All I can say is 'Bravo' to Rasa Andric. Didn't expect A Movie So Perfect.

I liked his 'Munje' a couple of years ago very much so. But in comparison to 'Kengur', it was almost an amateur production.

Domaci Film Kad Porastem Bicu Kengur Ceo Film


Kad Porastem Bicu Kengur Ceo Film Za Gledanje

Kroz tri paralelne priče film prati pokušaje studenta filmske montaže da osvoji zgodnu manekenku, dvojicu nogometnih fanatika koji su se okladili na engleski. Filmonet.com - Kad porastem bicu Kengur (2004) Domaci Filmovi za gledanje online besplatno.