Ithaca Skb 500 Serial Numbers

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If I wanted to do an in depth search of models, other than just the year of manufacture. Where would I look or who would I contact? Knowing that Ithaca made X number of model37's in a given year is very helpful. El hijo del ajedrecista pdf descargar. But if I'm looking at an older Ithaca model 37, how would I find out if it's in original configuration (as shipped from the factory).

  1. Ithaca Skb 500 20 Gauge

Ithaca Guns Manufactured by ITHACA GUN COMPANY From 1880 - 1986* CLICK THE MODEL NAME TO REVEAL THE SERIAL NUMBERS & CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE. Help figuring the age of an SKB? And the owner supplied the serial number to help me. The only straight grip Ithaca SKB's you're likely to see. Any of y'all know anything about the Ithaca model 600. Your new Ithaca/SKB Last. Can't find a source to run the serial number down.


For somebody just looking for a shotgun it isn't going to matter. For somebody looking to collect it is. I'm not sure such records exist. Learn to use computer keyboard. If they do, I would be interested. Maybe a forum header about model variations or links to the information would be helpful.

I am a new guy on this board and I saw your posting for Ithaca Serial Numbers and went to the site because I have an OLD 'New Ithaca Gun'. That is what it says on the side of the receiver. I finally figured out how to find the actual serial numbers and then went to check and see what I actually had.

Ithaca Skb 500 20 Gauge

I thought it was a 12 gauge but it seems it is a 10 gauge instead. Anyway, I did not find it under the New Ithaca Gun but under Crass & NIG Models the serial number is 41268 below that is A and then below that is 10. Attachments Picture of the barrels. ResizedBarrell Picture.jpg (35.44 KiB) Viewed 6659 times.