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Related Topics: From a: GUI Mapping Overview • Two aspects of Activity in an Application under test are • captured during a • recording session: • WinRunner generates script code into • a script file. • At the same time, newly recognized of and in the application WinRunner stores in a • temporary gui map file • that WinRunner uses later • when it runs scripts • to control the application under test. • In order for WinRunner to reference objects from several GUI maps, it stores • permanent GUI maps that can be • loaded by several scripts. • Use the GUI Map Editor to • move individual entries from the • temporary gui map to the • permanent gui file.


Mitwa ishq pe zor nahi qubool hai full song. • You can merge • an entire GUI map into • another. • Object recognition during recording is controlled by the • GUI Map Configuration service which • resides in memory.

Download film narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe subtitle indonesia The recognition process can be controlled by • specifications that need to be • copied and pasted into the initialization section of scripts. Otherwise, • default recognition specifications are obtained from dll's when winRunner starts each time. • When scripts misbehave (can't recognize objects), • press the left Ctrl+F3 keys within • the GUI Spy to capture object recognition specifications which can be • copied and pasted into the GUI Map Editor.

• Objects can also be learned dynamically with a • double click of the mouse • into the temporary GUI map. Physical GUI Map Names TSL code identify objects using virtual names. The physical descriptions are stored in a GUI map. The TSL statement below presses the 'Introduction' link in the AUT's 'Main Menu' window: set_window('Main Menu'); web_link_click('Introduction'); These references needs to be pre-defined before the test is run.

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HP WinRunner software was an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back user interface (UI) interactions as test scripts.As a functional test suite, it worked with HP QuickTest Professional and supported enterprise quality assurance.

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'Each object mentioned in a test script must exist in the GUI map.' Internally, WinRunner looks up the physical description associated with logical names in gui map files. For example, in the GUI file entry below, 'class:' and 'label:' are the physical attributes to the logical name 'Main Menu': ( class: window, label: '!Main Menu.' , } The class property defines the object's type. The exclamation point! Starts a regular expression which interprets the period as a wildcard which allows any text to come after 'Main Window'. In WinRunner, testers can use human-readable Logical Names to reference each unique window and object presented by the AUT.

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The logical name for an edit field is typically the text label associated with that field. WinRunner can 'learn' the names of windows and objects from looking inside the AUT itself. As WinRunner captures actions into script code, it also captures the names and recognition parameters into a temporary GUI map. Those recognition parameters are determined by GUI Map configuration specifications which WinRunner has in memory. When you click on Tools > GUI Map configurations, what you see is from WinRunner memory that disappears when WinRunner exits. To save the configuration, use the 'Paste' button.