George Yip Model Of Drivers Of Internationalisation

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Market Drivers. One aspect of globalization is the steady convergence of customer needs. As customers in different parts of the world increasingly demand similar products and services, opportunities for scale arise through the marketing of more or less standardized offerings.

Yip is Professor of Marketing and Strategy, and Associate Dean for Executive MBA at Imperial College Business School. Government drivers and competitive drivers Yip 1992. George yip drivers of internationalization george yip drivers of internationalization. Global Strategy. Uncharted 1 free download. In a World of. Have typically lagged behind their European and Japanese rivals in internationalization. Yip is Visiting Associate.


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2.4 Industry Globalization Drivers Yip identifies four sets of “industry globalization drivers” that underlie conditions in each industry that create the potential for that industry to become more global and, as a consequence, for the potential viability of a global approach to strategy. Yip first developed this framework in his book Total global strategy: Managing for worldwide competitive advantage (1992), chaps. How customer behavior distribution patterns evolve.

Define how customer behavior distribution patterns evolve, including the degree to which customer needs converge around the world, customers procure on a global basis, worldwide channels of distribution develop, marketing platforms are transferable, and “lead” countries in which most innovation takes place can be identified. Scale or scope economics, experience effects, sourcing efficiencies, and technology advantages that shape the economics of an industry.—the opportunity for global scale or scope economics, experience effects, sourcing efficiencies reflecting differentials in costs between countries or regions, and technology advantages—shape the economics of the industry. Defined by the strategic actions of globally competing firms in deciding in which markets to compete. Are defined by the actions of competing firms, such as the extent to which competitors from different continents enter the fray, globalize their strategies and corporate capabilities, and create interdependence between geographical markets.