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Free Uml Diagram Tool Online

Some context: Recently for graduate school I researched UML tools for usability and UML comprehension in general for an independent project. I also model/architect for a living. The previous posts have too many answers and not enough questions. A common misunderstanding is that UML is about creating diagrams. Sure, diagrams are important, but really you are creating a model. Here are the questions that should be answered as each vendor product/solution does some things better than others.

ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Rapid UML Solution from the Software Development Area is a powerful online diagram tool that will help you design any types of UML diagrams simply and fast.

Note: The listed answers are my view as the best even if other products support a given feature or need. • Are you modeling or drawing? (Drawing -, free implementations, and ) • Will you be modeling in the future? (For basic modeling - Community editions of pay products) • Do you want to formalize your modeling through profiles or meta-models?

(, RSM, ) • Are you concerned about model portability, XMI support? (,,, ) • Do you have an existing set of documents that you need to work with? (Depends on the documents) • Would you want to generate code stubs or full functioning code?(,,, ) • Do you need more mature processes such as use case management, pattern creation, asset creation, RUP integration, etc? (RSA/RSM/IBM Rational Products) Detailed Examples: IBM Rational Software Architect did not implement UML 2.0 all the way when it comes to realizes type relationships when creating a UML profile, but Visual Paradigm and Sparx got it right. Ok, that was way too detailed, so a simpler example would be, which has no code generation features and focuses on drawing more than the modeling aspect of UML.

And do UML really well and generate code well, however, hooking into project lifecycles and other process is where RSM/RSA is strong. Watch out for closed or product specific code generation processes or frameworks as you could end up stuck with that product.

This is a straight brain dump so a couple details may not be perfect, however, this should provide a general map to the questions and solutions to looking into. NEW - Found a good list of many UML tools with descriptions. I saw that GenMyModel is cloud-based, the models are designed in a web-browser. I'm convinced the collaboration should be another relevant item in this answer: sharing, real-time modeling, version management, repository.

I tried out most of the mainstream desktop uml tools. Not easy for several team members to work together on the same model.

Hopefully online modeling is going to change the way many IT people evaluate and use (UML) modeling in their day-to-day development projects. I'd gladly read more about online modeling.

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Does anyone know if it's an ongoing trend? – Aug 15 '13 at 9:05. For me it's Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. A very rounded UML tool for a very reasonable price. Very strong feature list including: integrated project management, baselining, export/import (including export to html), documentation generation from the model, various templates (Zachman, TOGAF, etc.), IDE plugins, code generation (with IDE plugins available for Visual Studio, Eclipse & others), automation API - the list goes on. Oh yeah, don't forget support for source control directly from inside the tool (SVN, CVS, TFS & SCC). I would also stay away from Visio - you only get diagrams, not a model.

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Rename a class in one place in a UML modelling tool and you rename in all places. This is not the case in Visio!

As I usually use UML more as a communication tool rather than a modeling tool I sometimes have the need to flex the language a bit, which makes the strict modeling tools quite unwieldy. Also, they tend to have a large overhead for the occasional drawing. This also means I don't give tools that handle round-trip modeling well any bonus points. With this in mind. When using, I tend to use stencils for my UMLing needs (the built in kind of suck). It could be that I have grown used to it as it is the primary diagramming tool at my current assignment.