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Figure 8 Fitness is a dance inspired workout video that will help you lose weight, maintain an hourglass figure and get that six pack you have always dreamed of. Inspired by Latin dance moves this workout video revolves around three hip exercises that are continuously repeated. These workouts allow you to burn 1000 calories every session. Forget about getting on the floor to do crunches and sit-ups when Figure 8 Fitness is not only more effective but it is also fun. You will not even think of this program as a workout but rather a dance class. If you love music, movement and dancing you should try Figure 8 Fitness - it will get you the flat abs you have always wanted. The Claim Do you want sexy flat abs but endless crunches are not getting the job done?

Figure 8 fitness videos

Men's Health, Part of the Hearst UK Wellbeing Network Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products. A 60-day Latin dance-inspired workout designed for women, the primary focus of the Figure 8 Fitness System is the abs and waist. Men can also undertake the program, with many who have done so reporting impressive results.

Try Figure 8 Fitness. In just 60 days this dance inspired workout video will give you that flat stomach you have always dreamed of. Figure 8 Fitness is a workout video that targets your abs and belly fat. The secret behind this workout is three movements involving your hips which are: sways, rolls, and tucks. Hip sways attack your obliques keeping the waistline slim, hip tucks target the upper, lower and middle abs - this is basically a standing crunch. Finally, hip rolls are all about stretching your surrounding muscles giving you that hourglass figure. Get flat abs and feminine curves but dancing the pounds away - you will have a blast.

Pros • Targets The Waist When it comes to losing weight, many people face challenges around the area of their waist. Figure 8 Fitness allows people to overcome this problem with an array of intense and powerful workouts. People will finally see results. • Professional Methods Figure 8 Fitness features routines that are performed by professional dancers.

This ensures that even non-dancers can achieve a slim waistline. Cons • High Pace Figure 8 Fitness routines are rather high paced. It may be extremely difficult for people to keep up with the workouts.

This is especially true for people who are not used to dancing. Users might take a while to adjust. • Time Consuming Compared to other workout programs on the market, Figure 8 Fitness is much more time-consuming. People who are short on time or live a busy life, may not be able to benefit from Figure 8 Fitness compared to people who have time. Features • Fitness and Eating Guide Figure 8 Fitness comes included with an awesome eating and fitness guide. This guide will allow you to make the most of your included exercise programs. It features a meal plan that will turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.

• 60 Day Wall Calendar Figure 8 Fitness also comes included with a 60-day wall calendar. This will help keep you inspired and on-track to achieve all of your desired fitness goals. Infomercial Real people have seen real results with Figure 8 Fitness. These routines emerge dance and fitness in a way that allows people to achieve the body of their dreams. Confidence has never been more at reach. It was designed by Janna Kunitz, a latin ballroom dance champion. Cigarette affiliate program. Thus, it is an easy 3-step method.