Fake South African Drivers License Template

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By Louise Flanagan More than 1 000 people have been arrested in connection with 42 000 invalid driver's licences fraudulently issued across the country - and all prosecutions have ended in convictions. In the first two years of a six-year national investigation, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has identified 42 229 invalid licences on the system. The unit arrested 1 014 people and successfully prosecuted more than half of them, national programme manager of the investigation Claudia O'Brien said on Thursday.

In the most recent arrests, in Limpopo a week ago, a driving school instructor and three learner's licence applicants were arrested at a driving school. The instructor was allegedly giving the applicants answers to the licence test they were writing. Invalid driver's licences are registered on the National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS). They have been issued irregularly by officials, for example to people who did not take a driver's test.

Fake licences are not part of the investigation, as these licences are not registered on the system. Any information on fakes that the SIU comes across gets passed on to the police. 'We are looking at the actions of officials at testing centres,' said O'Brien.


About a third of the driver's licence testing centres (DLTCs) nationally are affected. O'Brien said problems were found at 123 of the 360 DLTCs. 'There's definitely widespread corruption.' All provinces are affected. O'Brien said driver's licence fraud seemed to be carried out mainly by individuals selling licences rather than by syndicates. People pay 'anything from R1 000 to R2 700' to buy a licence.

She said 64 officials were arrested at 29 different DLTCs. A total of 950 private individuals were arrested at 87 different DLTCs. So far 621 fraud or corruption prosecutions have been started. A total of 548 people, including six officials, have been convicted.

Fake South African Drivers License Template

The rest of the cases are pending. The officials allegedly sold the invalid licences to private individuals.

Free download program samsung printer toner reset firmware fix patch. Some culprits allegedly used false foreign documents to obtain South African licences - such as award-winning Tsotsi actor Presley Chweneyagae who was fined R5 000 in April for using a fake Ivorian licence to buy a local licence for R3 000. The SIU referred 230 cases to municipalities and provincial transport departments for disciplinary action against officials. Of these, 16 officials have been dismissed, eight resigned, and six have been suspended pending the outcome of their hearings. Twelve officials received sanctions other than dismissal such as demotion and written warnings, and 16 cases are pending.

Fake Driver's License Template

Two were acquitted. Johannesburg Metro Police Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said corrupt officials faced being fired if there was enough evidence against them. Two cashiers from the Randburg testing centre were fired last week, he said, and cases against another three cashiers and two examiners were pending. 'We take strict action against people who commit fraud in the department.' People wanting to book for learner's and driver's licence tests have had huge difficulties in recent months, but Minnaar said this was not why people were buying invalid licences. 'It's an easy way out - you can fail the test and still get a licence. 'It's not worth buying a licence because it's got no validity.'

The SIU's mandate was for 2005 to 2008. This has now been extended for another three years, until 2011.

Fake South African Drivers Licence Template

The team of 75 investigators, legal advisers, prosecutors and data capturers expect to broaden the investigation before the end of this year to include invalid roadworthy certificates and the illegal registration of stolen vehicles. There is believed to be 'a lot more syndicate involvement' in this area, said O'Brien. 'Indications are that there are major problems.' The SIU team is working with police, the National Intelligence Agency and the National Prosecuting Authority in the clean-up.

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