Do You Tip Medical Transport Drivers

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I’m not planning on tipping the driver who has my car right now He was hours late picking it up, and I had to call to find out why. He hasn’t called me today (delivery day) with any sort of time window. I’m assuming he’s somewhere on the east coast, but I have no real idea where he is. I know the car was loaded on the truck because the dealership called and told me it was on the truck.

I’ve had communication issues with this company all week, and almost flew out to get the car myself because I got so frustrated. I realize, however, that it’s not the driver’s fault, and I was prepared to tip him generously. He doesn’t seem to be any better then the people he drives for.

If the driver had called today to let me know where he was and intruduce himself, that would be a different story – I have the cash on hand for a decent tip. However, that hasn’t happened. Therefore No tip. And the company will get an excoriating review online after my car is safely in my driveway. Hello Beth, I totally understand your sentiment.

When I was a driver, I used to always call the customer when I got close to arriving and on the day I arrived to be sure they’d still be available. Not sure why this driver hasn’t called you but some drivers just don’t think to do it. They’re not told to or taught to. They feel like their job is to just driver and deliver the vehicle safely. Unfortunately if they knew just how far a quick call would go, they could grow their business tremendously. But that’s a convo for a different day.

Also it’s worth mentioning that whether the dealership found the carrier on their own or through a broker, they too are responsible for keeping you in the loop. Unfortunately when dealers move cars, they don’t do that. They have “millions of other things to do and it ultimately becomes your problem.” Rolling my eyes politely.

Now if they used a broker, then the broker should’ve at least sent you an email to say the driver was on schedule. I hope everything works out for you and again, whether you tip or not is totally up to you. Thanks for sharing your story! Stay awesome. Thank you for the article. I tipped my transporter today for his exceptional service. He hit all 5 points, even going the extra mile.


Inventek power washer. Called to confirm when he reached the city, then 30 minutes out, upon arrival at my location he unloaded & inspected, then gave me a call once he was done. No need to observe him unstrap tie-downs from the trailer bed. Poor guy also had to move his truck halfway into the unloading process so folks could access their parked car. Great customer service comes with a slightly higher price tag but also provides peace of mind.

Most likely you won't have the same driver that picks up and then drops off. But then again. Cleveland to vegas transport is so cheap right now. It ain't gonna hurt to tip. Its under 600 I don't know whether it was unusual or not, but the same person who picked up my car in D.C. Also was the driver who delivered it to me in Vegas five days later.

As this was the first time that I'd ever had a car shipped, I had no idea what the usual tipping protocol was. I ended up giving him a fifty on top of the cashier's check for $1100 and change made out to the company.

(I might have tipped more, but he had told me he would deliver the car on the Wednesday night that I flew to Vegas, but he didn't arrive until Friday afternoon. Still, that was well within the delivery range that the carrier had promised.). As a former auto transport driver I can count on one hand the number of times I've been tipped for delivering cars cross country. I was very communicative, and very prompt.