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Try this site Just checked your link and wanted to verify for anyone else looking that this is a reliable version of the software. Have seen questions in the past about downloading a 'genuine' or 'safe' version, and that's the same software that was originally available direct from the developer's website. I posted the following information some time ago in another thread, and in case this link goes down like so many others, it may be useful to include it here, as well. Below are the MD5/SHA hashes (similar to fingerprints for a person) of P.A.

Soft's official BMW Scanner 1.4.0 files. If the contents of a file are different, the hashes will be different. Files can be verified online with sites like or with a downloadable tool like. Have seen a number of links for this and like to confirm what I'm downloading and installing. Hopefully this helps someone out in the future: BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Full Version: File: “” MD5: DD3EC43B60758A8FE8A5137A7C6A597C SHA-1: AF4670D5C8FF88CBDB757D819FD511D9F89B6F20 File: “BMW Scanner v140 Install.exe” MD5: 0B9D5F141AB310F1F888870736ACF411 SHA-1: 62D73FA9E481ECA4AB2E46832C64D4 BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Demo Version: File: “” MD5: 50B6C6ED8438 SHA-1: DEA2800FBE5D0361448C5D46D3987B8C06EC5308 File: “BMW Scanner v140 DEMO Install.exe” MD5: F4944C9B12BF0652324D4FDC34652697 SHA-1: FA788528B4C9EBE8EB27B8D1C576852CB685E0F3.

Just received my BMW scanner. The dang CD was blank! So I just tried that link above: The download and extraction seemed to work, and it showed up as expected in device manager, etc. However, when I clicked on the shortcut on my desktop, It said bad shortcut. Also It's not in my program list, nor is it in my control panel list where I would be able to delete it if wanted. Tried the download twice.

BTW I also couldn't get the driver to stick. Kept disappearing after it said install successful. Model rumah.

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In the directory all I have is: C/ BMWScan140 (folder)/ BMWScan140.exe (folder)/ Drivers (folder)/ 7 FTDI files There doesn't seem to be a start up file (.exe) for this program. The.exe listed above is a folder name. So I'm wondering. Could it be my virus software (Webroot) or maybe just a bad zip file? I'm running Windows 7 premium home. As an alternative, I saw this link on page one of this topic and wondering y'all can confirm it's safe: Any help would be appreciated!

_nr_ UPDATE: Got it done with the help of lilmenace91 who provided me a good copy. It's working now! My experience with the P.A. Soft scanner has been mixed. It will run under Windows 7 and will read all codes but it has trouble clearing them. I loaded the software on an old Dell laptop running XP SP3 and it works just great. My car is a 2000 with the round under-hood 'Pac Man' connector.

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The PA Soft device MUST be hooked up via an adapter cable ($7) to it. Connecting the PA Soft device to the OBD port under the dash results in only reading engine codes.

Later cars with only the under-dash connector are likely to be fine. There is software out there on fleaBay for around $60 that does a whole lot more than PA Soft but at least for early e46s mandates a true Windows XP SP3 laptop with a real 9 pin serial connector and adapters to get you to the Pac Man port. Thanks Bim3Por911, My '05 is all through the ODB Port.

Bmw Scanner 1.4.0 Driver Windows 7

Bmw Scanner 1.4.0 Drivers For Windows 10

Bmw scanner 1.4.0 driver windows 10

Nothing under the hood with this model. And it turns out the Win 7 is not a problem as long as you get the right USB drivers, which I saw how to get from a couple other posts in the forum.