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Purchase Here: Better drums. More placements. That's sort of become the motto as of late, when talking about the 'Blap-Kit' drum series. If all 5 BLAP-KITS were brothers, then this latest release, Volume 5, would be the outcast of the family. The dark horse.

Just wanted to mention that illmind blap kit vol. 2 is definitely better mixed than vol 1. DB levels are much higher in vol. 1 and the samples are compressed really harsh, nearly every waveform has the saw tooth form which usually means that the sound was overcompressed. Blap Kit Volume 5 is a premium collection of 130 drum one-shot samples, all hand-picked and carefully multi-layered by the award winning music producer Illmind.

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The outspoken sibling. 'BLAP-KIT Volume 5' is meant to break all the rules.

Unlike Volumes 1 - 4, Volume 5's kick & snare hits are heavily layered, processed & reverbed/effected just enough to create really inspiring and over-the-top textures. Each sound follows tradition by staying just within '0', but all tweaked just enough to 'feel' and 'sound' larger than life. For the 1st time ever, we've included vocal 'grunts' (James Brown-esq.), weird percussion, more drum-rolls (for those beat turn-arounds) and even long sub-bass stems, which can be used to create basslines or your own 808 kick drums.

'BLAP-KIT Volume 5' is a must have for your drum sample collection. Over 130 NEW drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, various percussion, weird stuff & drum-rolls) in 16-bit/44 WAV format. Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc) 6 EXCLUSIVE drum-break loops played by!llmind and created from actual drums, eq’d and processed. All drum sounds were sampled into an Ensoniq ASR-10 AND Akai S-20 at 33khz/12-bit for maximum warmth + punch! All drum sounds carefully multi-layered & molded by!llmind to create truly, never before heard drums. Emulador fiscal crack.

NO saturation/flat “pancake” sounds. Carefully mastered just “under-zero”.

NO nasty “digital-clipping”. All drum sounds were hand-picked, created, and stripped by!llmind himself from his personal drum stash.

BONUS!llmind custom made digital 'sweepers', never before heard. Also includes 5 heavy 'sub-bass' tones, to create basslines and/or your own 808 kick drums.

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BRAND NEW BLAP-KIT VOLUME 8! Drum kit pack for producers. Created by!llmind. 'The time has finally arrived! BLAP-KIT Volume 8 is probably one of the most anticipated drum kits to date. To think we've come this far, raising the bar on sound design every single time. This collection is all about TEXTURE.