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I'm using a vm XP and MS Word 2007. I'm trying to install BI Desktop _X86_101342. Clan war zafords vs hodunks. I get: 'Template Builder Installer failed: Unexpected Error' Can anyone point me in the right direction. We have Publisher Template Builder Installer Failed Unexpected Error and related errors. The actual files are buried in Check if there are assemblies which start go to 'C: WINDOWS assembly'. Installation of Oracle BI Publisher. Oracle BI Publisher Desktop can be installed later by clicking the Template Builder Link in BI Publisher.

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Creating RTF Templates Using the Template Builder for Word Browser version script Oracle Fusion Middleware Report Designer's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Release 11 g (11.1.1) Part Number E13881-01 Creating RTF Templates Using the Template Builder for Word This chapter covers the following topics: • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction The Template Builder is an add-in to Microsoft Word that simplifies the development of RTF templates. While the Template Builder is not required to create RTF templates, it provides many functions that will increase your productivity. The Template Builder is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word and enables you to perform the following functions: • Insert data fields • Insert tables • Insert forms • Insert charts • Preview your template with sample XML data • Browse and update the content of form fields • Extract boilerplate text into an XLIFF translation file and test translations Note that the Template Builder automates insertion of the most frequently used components of an RTF template. RTF templates also support much more complex formatting and processing. For the full description of RTF template features, see. Before You Get Started: Your Template Builder installation provides samples and demo files to help you get started. The demos can be accessed from your Windows Start menu as follows: Start > Programs > Oracle BI Publisher Desktop > Demos The demos can also be accessed from the BI Publisher BI Publisher Desktop demos folder where you installed BI Publisher Desktop (for example: C: Program Files Oracle BI Publisher BI Publisher Desktop demos).

Feb 08, 2013  Here are the installation error messages. [Template Builder Installation for AL End]. Try installing the BI Publisher. The links to download the installation. I came across a nice feature in the online template builder. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Customer.

Bi Publisher Installation Guide

The following demos are provided: • Report Demo - demonstrates building a report layout using many key features of the Template Builder, including: connecting to the BI Publisher server, loading data for a report, inserting tables and charts, and defining conditional formatting. • Invoice Demo - demonstrates how to take a prepared layout and use the Template Builder to insert the required fields to fill the template with data at runtime. • Localization Demo - demonstrates the localization capabilities of the Template Builder and shows you how to extract an XLIFF file from the base RTF template.