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Ashy Bines, Gold Coast, Queensland. 3,849,726 likes 2,580 talking about this. Welcome to my page girls! TONED by Ashy Bines. Clothing (Brand) Personal Trainers. ABOUT TONED BY ASHY BINES. TONED launched in March 2017. The launch collection consisted of 13 styles that sold out with the fi. Community See All.

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One of the reasons why we are able to help so many women achieve such incredible transformations is our education first philosophy. This isn’t your ‘standard gym’ and training isn’t all we do. We have seminars, courses and live chats with experts every single week to help increase your knowledge, our trainers are the best in their field and pride themselves on being able to give a PT feel to a small group class. Our customised nutrition plans for ‘fast track’ clients change and modify as you become more advanced. At TC we don’t just want to ‘tell you what to do’. We want to teach you, so that when you succeed you know how you did it. We get it If exercise was always fun and easy to do every day we would all be supermodels or world class athletes.

Working out by yourself can get boring, standard gym classes are definitely boring and don't we all need a little kick up the butt if we have been slacking off? Web scarab. At TC, we have more Small Group PT classes than any other centre on the GC (more than 90 per week*).

We don’t just do weights, we don’t just do HIIT, we don’t just do Pilates, we don’t just do Yoga, Hip Hop, crossfit, f45, spin or boxing. We do it ALL. Better still, we have specialist trainers who are world class in their area teaching these classes. If you don’t love the classes at TC, if our trainers don’t inspire you to be better and if our community doesn’t help you stay more accountable, then we don’t know what will. If only we all had 300 dollars a week to throw away on PT sessions, nutrition consults and life coaching. Wouldn’t it just be too easy.


The good news is TC offers the very next best thing for more than 10 times less the cost. At TC, for the same low price as a standard gym (that gives you a room and a bunch of equipment to stand on) we give you: - Unlimited Group PT - A customised nutrition plan that can be updated as often as you need - Unlimited access to seminars, courses and live chats with experts - Unlimited body scans and tracking - A training database with over 1500 sessions and 800 exercises that you can use when you train in the centre or want inspiration at home or when travelling. Ok, so I know we said TC is all about community, and we are! But we totally understand that a lot of you ladies are girl bossing it, running families and barely have time to wipe your nose. You want no fuss, efficient traning options that fit your busy schedule and you want options for when you don’t have time to get to the gym.

We’ve got you covered. TC has: - Over 90 Small Group PT classes every week - An iPhone and Android app with over 1500 easy to follow sessions on it. Not only do you only have to just press play and follow along, but you can even track your weights progress on it. A customised nutrition plan that allows you to easily change your diet on days when you don’t have time to train Yes, TC will help you get results were others have failed. We get it, regular gyms can be scary. Lots of weird equipment, people wearing tight, revealing clothings, all while making loud noises taking lots of selfies.Nobody knows anybody else and its really easy just to sit in the corner and hide on a exercise bike or treadmill.

Ashy Bines Tones

No wonder most people join up, go once and then never go back TC is different. From our female only clientele, to the girly bathrooms and styling, to the education first philosophy and community focus. Before you even do 1 class at TC your transformation consultant will show you through the facility, show you how to use the scans, help you download your app and get you set up for success.