Advantages And Disadvantages Of General Purpose Application Software

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Special Purpose application software is very specific in its use. Engineering programs often fall under this category - there is a program that does slope stability analysis and nothing else, for instance. Special purpose software may also be created in house and tailored to the specific needs of the company. General purpose application software is much broader in use. Word processors for example, can handle every form of writing, aside from calligraphy. Spreadsheet programs like Excel handle a significant portion of data processing problems (with databases taking the rest).

Advantage and disadvantage of application software. The driver program converts the more general input. Since it is designed specifically with one purpose.


In general, special purpose software is intended to perform a very specific function, while general purpose software is intended to perform a broader class of functions. Communication software is used to provide remote access to systems and is also used to exchange messages in text, audio and video format for the purpose of communication. These software send and receive data over telephone lines through modems.

The communication software allows computers in different geographical regions to communicate with each. Server Software, Firewall Software, Gateway Software, E-Mail Software, Telephony Software, Internet Telephony Software, Network Computing Software, Networking Software, Protocol Software, Messaging Software etc.:D. Generic software development is the one done for 'General Purpose' audience whist 'Custom Software Development' is done to satisfy a particular need of a particular client.

General Purpose software development is tough as compared with Custom made; not by the skills required to develop the application but by the design and marketing point of view. In General Purpose application/product design and development, you will need to 'imagine' what an end-user require. Real football 2011 apk data. Here, the term 'end - user' has no face; you have to imagine it. Market Surveys and general Customer Demand analysis may help a company to reduce the risk factor and think about some innovations over existing similar solutions. On the other hand, in Custom Made application/product development, you have a specific face of 'end - user' in front of you. You know whom you need to satisfy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of General Purpose Application Software

Understanding the need and Analyzing it to get the best out of it is a challenge here. Free download mp3 sesungguhnya aku tak rela melihat kau dengannya. Planning and reaching the goals within dead-line adds a value to your software development excellence as a professional service provider.

Disadvantages Of General Purpose Software

By Buyer's (or Client's) point of view, now a days it's preferred to have a Custom Made application developed rather than buying a General Purpose software. You get the application done that exactly matches your requirements and also most importantly your style of computing. If you manage to find a quality Freelance Developer (or team) you're 50% done! Barcode producer keygen mac. If you successfully locate desired talent in Asian countries (such as India) then it's a bonus; because $1 is still Re.40 here. So, the overall development cost for US and European companies is likely to get slashed down by at least 40%. Quality and reliability of Indian Freelance developers might be a subject of debate for US companies, no doubt, the Freelance market is chasing Corporate monopoly quite strong and fast.